Magento Email Extension

Creating and sending email by wysiwyg plugin

Creation of e-mail campaigns with wysiwyg email is quick and easy.

  • Elegant and simple template editor
  • A / B testing
  • send a test e-mail
  • planned campaign
  • the highest possible deliverability
  • e-mails are signed DKIM and SPF
  • integration “Feedback Loop”
  • fast CDN to host your images for free
  • archiving of all sent campaigns
  • fast and safe rozesílkou (up to 500,000 emails per hour)

Automation and personalization

Send automated e-mail campaigns and personalisované e-mails with dynamic content.

  • Automatic campaign by event, date or anniversary
  • Automatic campaign by activity on your site or e-shop
  • unlimited number of custom fields for personalization
  • use conditional tags Merge

How to use the Magento Email Designer

With the growing number of smartphone users are changing methods and techniques in online marketing. These changes also affect email marketing and newsletters will soon be the same again. Responsive design for magento emails is view the email automatically adjusts the device on which the email is opened. It does not matter whether it is a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

So how does it look in practice? Responsive

Once the responsive email design is choosen, we have few tips on how to do it right way. Try to make the text in the newsletter as a list.

  • Highlight key information in the text.
  • Do not place the individual links in the newsletter too close together to allow the mobile device to link just a click away.
  • Avoid crowded newsletters pictures and optimize image size.
  • Load time the email is in fact more important than the speed of loading web pages.
  • Do not force your beneficiaries too long scroll. It should be noted that, responsive to the newsletter smartphone extended and, if too long, the reader will not get the end.

Once you have finished your newsletter, be sure to test as it appears in different email clients and mobile devices is received.
Which mobile email clients support the responsive design newsletters?
Conversely, what are the restrictions?
Are you responsive design and want to know more?

Magento Email Themes

Email themes are for marketers a way how to kill two birds with one stone. Represent a nice design that attracts users and are also less expensive option than constantly create new designs. Ordinary Internet user receives daily a few (dozen) promotional e-mails and most of them only opens and immediately deleted. Why? They end SPAM.
Using Magento Email theme builder you can get friendly and attractive email. Templates help to your customers offer your deal. Use e-mail templates, you can keep better so. corporate identity (a single graphic style of the company). Its place in the template has the company logo, product images or workers with introductory speech and of course your offer – all decorated with colors of the company. And because it’s really a template, you do not the creation of any e-mail starting from scratch, but just to ready-made templates to supplement the current text and images. E-mail templates, however, besides sending newsletters used to deliver automated emails (eg. When you receive your order / payment or shipment of goods). These templates plus you can prepare so that the component parts of the text filled up by specific data – most often it is the order number, address, date etc.

How to increase your sales with Magento Email extension

Many people suspect that email marketing help them make money more easily and acquire new customers. Many have no idea how to implement it in their own business. They do not know what it actually email marketing. How to do it. Then there are those who also started and ended quickly, with the mistaken belief that email marketing is not for them. If you are among them, then this article is for you.

When people start, often repeated two basic mistakes in email marketing:

Only the sales emails

Bombard your prospects Only offers nonstop type: Buy our new product! Take advantage of a 30% share and below. This is sudden death. Why? We are all just people, I, you, they, too, your customers. When someone sends only offer to you from buying it, as you work? Begins you get on your nerves? Many of us certainly are. Do you wonder that people in your sales emails responding?  Thus liked to behave especially owners eShop, but not only those.

Then their customers start to ignore emails. They will find that other than sales reports are forthcoming. If they just do not want to buy, such as e-mails to them have no added value. Quickly they begin to bother them and it is possible that the unsubscribe emails. So, the fault is not in email marketing. The problem is that you can not always push ahead. Hoping to convince people to buy in this way and they will trust you.

Only advisory emails

A friend of mine, Dusan Daniel remembers how the once finally resolved to start sending emails to people. He was satisfied that he had started. It’s a little problem. He found that nothing much has changed. This does not visibly felt for his wallet. Why? Because, on the contrary, forgot to sell. Always send emails only advisory. Forget those sales.

Even he had no reason to expect that this will sell more. In fact, people did not offer anything. Still, he came out in time. Just then, it began to reverberate month on average 5 times as many potential customers as before. So that’s how it Project the now into your email marketing. To make your email marketing to work, it is necessary that you people read, as in the case of television that her people have a reason to watch. Inserted into broadcasting programs that appeal to us.

So you also need to bring people content (articles) that they will be interested. Also, where do you advise them and help them.

On the other hand, as a television, and you can bring them sometimes and some offer. Draw attention to the fact that you can help them even more. For example, through new products or bargains, or course. But all this must be a certain harmony. You have to make balanced and deliberately. But definitely remember and sell. Who is afraid, let him not go into the woods Forget the worries. You might be hampered by fear or worry and start sending sales emails. Do you think it importance embarrassing? You are wrong!

On the contrary. People who read your articles trust. They regard you as knowledgeable in your field. Otherwise they would not read your articles. Advisory bodies you have gained their trust. Prefer to buy from you than from someone you trust. But only if that is what you offer in time you learn from.

As a good email marketing?

1) First of all it is necessary to retain the attention of potential customers. Translated into human language, this means sending emails to him on topics that interested him and really deserve his attention.

2) It is necessary to know who is the man that I want to get attention. The live, what interests him.

Maybe you think it is insignificant, but it is not. Why? Because if you are on your potential customers know as much as possible, you will know what topics are close to him, then you will know what to write for him. If in fact you have to be clear, you’ll know what to focus your consulting emails.

What customers are listening?

When you meet with your customers, you write your questions to put to you.
When you manage your Facebook fan page, ask them to be on their needs and interests, learn as much as possible. Watch various Internet forums, where they are staying to learn, nothing to talk about. It advanced, and use Google AdWords. It’s been a higher level, which will give a clear answer as to what keywords your customers are searching for. And exactly what are the topics for your articles. These are the problems, the questions that your customers are looking for solutions.

When they will advise and assist in these matters, will be happy to read your emails. I will not even to enjoy. Between consultancy enamels you enjoy reading and that sales email that they send. Which is important not only for e-mail marketing, but in any marketing? Customers of your communications, in this case the email must know how to benefit from what we offer them will have.

What they get, what problem it solves them where to move them. To consider when writing an email always remember.

How to introduce email marketing into business

We have already mentioned how artfully it makes television. But she has to still other tricks. During the various talk shows or talk shows, for example, in a program by Adele Banášová, products are placed. So nothing extremely disturbing, that would upset us, but something just inadvertently noticed. For example, Coca Cola, Budiský, or other known mineral water on the table presenter and her guests. You’re sure you’d ever noticed. We can also inspire. We do not need to send an advisory and other sales email. TV also does not send a “clean movies” and then “clean ads”. We can do the counseling email at the end put a link to a link where they can sign up for training or buy your new product. That’s how I do it, too. The only condition is that it has what we offer at the end, related to the topic of advisory bodies for which they are in fact the email said.

And then, of course there should be your contact information at the end of the email. Website address what is actually your shop, where customers want to direct. On how to have your email look like and how to easily create, how often you send, you will learn in the next article.

Why email marketing?

Email marketing is without a doubt the most effective marketing tool, which now exist in the world. Thanks to him, we can optimize all your work and in a short time to reach thousands of its customers.

We can build a brand, to maintain relationships with customers, but at the same time to sell. The question is whether it can properly set up and use. An essential part email marketing is to find a balance between consulting and sales emails.

Because I can only work as a brother and sister, not separately. This means that if we start only advise and we also sell, we will not far from what we could. Conversely, if we only sell, we can harm them. I believe that this article has helped you understand the basic principle of email marketing. Maybe even he reveals why it did not work for you yet. On the other valuable and practical advice you can enjoy in the next, we upcoming article.

Pretty Email Templates for Magento Platform

Why deal with HTML template?

A simple question to which there is a simple answer:

Yes, even this may result looks ready HTML template that adapts to mobile devices and most of the content is displayed to recipients without the downloaded pictures.

We will show you how to prepare one such template that should include and what to be careful in its creation.

The main reason for creating the proper HTML template is to show themselves without images in the right way.

The difference between HTML and plain text

In an HTML e-mail, we may use structured text as we know it from Word, ie titles, blocks, bulleted lists, etc. You can add images, tables, etc. HTML e-mail is actually a simple web page. Even reports written in Outlook are standard HTML, if you do not choose otherwise.

E-mail clients vs. Web applications

In the world and in our country there are a number of different e-mail clients. For an idea of what e-mail client is actually, a few of them imagine.

Microsoft Outlook – the most famous program for managing e-mail messages, contacts and calendars. As part of the package of Microsoft Office is used both in companies and for private users.

Mozilla Thunderbird – widely distributed e-mail client that is completely free from the creators of the popular Web browser Mozilla Firefox.

Apple Mail – e-mail software pre-installed on Mac OS X and iOS. That is why it is used by most Mac users and mobile devices from Apple.

Android Mail (unofficial name) – application, which include the Android operating system. It is preinstalled on all devices with this operating system, and therefore widely used.

Web applications 

Web applications for managing e-mail boxes are also called webmais. Since there is a lot of them only a few of them that is most commonly used Gmail, Yahoo Mail or

Gmail – Web application from Google giant. Today widely used, especially for its integration with other Google services.

The fact that some e-mail client is more widespread than the other, does not mean that we can ignore those less widespread. Remember that even a small percentage of the addressed recipients can hide the number of new customers.

We therefore recommend always trying to accommodate the maximum number of recipients, both informative value of e-mail and its quality workmanship.

The main difference between e-mail client and webmail is already evident from the title itself. On webmail can be reached via a common Web browser, while the e-mail client software must be installed on your own computer.

Differences in displaying an e-mail

Differences in display HTML e-mails across clients and webmail is really big, and since everything is going, to keep track of what you use for a particular e-mail, is not easy.

What awaits us

In our next post we will show the entire production process HTML templates from preparation, through testing, through to completion and export.

We will show you tips and tricks for each e-mail clients and webmail or also solve most problems when creating email templates for Magento.

Magento Email Plugin

Many times I had writing blog posts saying that it wanted something to design emails. Or simply reduce / enlarge the font, Edit the background color, Highlight text etc. And I was looking for a plugin that will help me with this, because HTML code is still unknown to me. Another thing I looked for was the highlight code that sometimes I am sending.

The first plugin is wysiwyg email editor for Magento, which is purely the WYSIWYG editor for Magento Platform. Colors, Texts, Images, fonts and sizes. But plenty of other, more or less necessary things. Nice about it is the fact that offers customization of existing templates. So you can simply change it. So how about it?

First edit the content of emails with the plugin Wysiwyg Email, then download your results and download the emails what you generated in steps before.

The another plugin is the Syntax Highlighter from Magento Email Plugin, which is for me a nice feature when the code that I’m trying to embed in email highlighted and numbered rows. It looks better and editor in me will do what’s no mess. In the case of inserting HTML code, so you just paste the following tags.

Magento App

For the Ecommerce platform Magento we have released a new application for android. You can download it at Google Play or Amazon.

What and why?

Magento is a web platform that allows you to create an ecommerce online business. Magentos web through the platform is really easy. The platform has been supplemented with new features and especially brings app for Android based phones and tablets. The interface looks very similar to the web administration interface platform of the wysiwyg editor.

The benefits of the app

The basic benefits includes the use of non-browser applications and speed. Through the application, you can easily edit emails, view your results, change the appearance and so on. In addition, the application is available for mobile devices.

Mobile App is free to download via the Google Play and Amazon Store.

How to customize email templates in Magento

Not satisfied with the way your Magento emails are designed? Try to edit a email template using CSS and HTML. Each template is nothing more than a set of images, CSS documents and HTML. Any of them can be directly edited and changed as you wish.

How to work with templates?

Every template file can be edited in two ways. More advanced users or programmers will surely reach for changing the CSS or HTML files in their favorite IDE or standard text editor. After each change must re-edited documents uploaded to the web server via FTP client, which might not be too comfortable for everybody. Less experienced users can take advantage of one of the functionalities of Magento Email Template editor.

Which files to edit?

Who wants to modify the Email template files should be, of course, at least somewhat familiar with both the principles of CSS styling and HTML coding, but also the structure of Magento templates and function of individual HTML email. Of all editable files is certainly the most important document header.phtml and footer.html that defines how emails should be displayed on your site, thus describes the visual aspect of the email. Most other files, particularly HTML files, then define the content, what will appear.

By changing these HTML documents, you can specify what to be used and where they appear. Inline CSS style then define their specific visual form.

Magento Send Better Email

Don’t send a spam

This is the basic rule that should be respected, do not do it. Do not send email to anyone, if he did not allow. The chance that such a person will buy in your online store is very small.

Simple unsubscription

The unsubscription button should always be visible. And it should be as simple as possible. Ideal also click on the link and you are logged out. Really makes no sense to hide the unsubscribe link.

Clear subject of the email

From e-mail subject should be clear what’s inside. People like surprises, but this does not concern mysterious emails with the subject “Featured” or “today only at an exceptional price”. The subject is something like the headline of your article.

Do not use Caps Lock

Neither the subject nor the body of the email, nowhere.

Speak a story

Email should not be merely a list of products at the moment to sell. Try to write a story.

Be personal

If you know the names and surnames of your customers. Use them in the email.