How to customize email templates in Magento

Not satisfied with the way your Magento emails are designed? Try to edit a email template using CSS and HTML. Each template is nothing more than a set of images, CSS documents and HTML. Any of them can be directly edited and changed as you wish.

How to work with templates?

Every template file can be edited in two ways. More advanced users or programmers will surely reach for changing the CSS or HTML files in their favorite IDE or standard text editor. After each change must re-edited documents uploaded to the web server via FTP client, which might not be too comfortable for everybody. Less experienced users can take advantage of one of the functionalities of Magento Email Template editor.

Which files to edit?

Who wants to modify the Email template files should be, of course, at least somewhat familiar with both the principles of CSS styling and HTML coding, but also the structure of Magento templates and function of individual HTML email. Of all editable files is certainly the most important document header.phtml and footer.html that defines how emails should be displayed on your site, thus describes the visual aspect of the email. Most other files, particularly HTML files, then define the content, what will appear.

By changing these HTML documents, you can specify what to be used and where they appear. Inline CSS style then define their specific visual form.