How to use the Magento Email Designer

With the growing number of smartphone users are changing methods and techniques in online marketing. These changes also affect email marketing and newsletters will soon be the same again. Responsive design for magento emails is view the email automatically adjusts the device on which the email is opened. It does not matter whether it is a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

So how does it look in practice? Responsive

Once the responsive email design is choosen, we have few tips on how to do it right way. Try to make the text in the newsletter as a list.

  • Highlight key information in the text.
  • Do not place the individual links in the newsletter too close together to allow the mobile device to link just a click away.
  • Avoid crowded newsletters pictures and optimize image size.
  • Load time the email is in fact more important than the speed of loading web pages.
  • Do not force your beneficiaries too long scroll. It should be noted that, responsive to the newsletter smartphone extended and, if too long, the reader will not get the end.

Once you have finished your newsletter, be sure to test as it appears in different email clients and mobile devices is received.
Which mobile email clients support the responsive design newsletters?
Conversely, what are the restrictions?
Are you responsive design and want to know more?