Magento Email Plugin

Many times I had writing blog posts saying that it wanted something to design emails. Or simply reduce / enlarge the font, Edit the background color, Highlight text etc. And I was looking for a plugin that will help me with this, because HTML code is still unknown to me. Another thing I looked for was the highlight code that sometimes I am sending.

The first plugin is wysiwyg email editor for Magento, which is purely the WYSIWYG editor for Magento Platform. Colors, Texts, Images, fonts and sizes. But plenty of other, more or less necessary things. Nice about it is the fact that offers customization of existing templates. So you can simply change it. So how about it?

First edit the content of emails with the plugin Wysiwyg Email, then download your results and download the emails what you generated in steps before.

The another plugin is the Syntax Highlighter from Magento Email Plugin, which is for me a nice feature when the code that I’m trying to embed in email highlighted and numbered rows. It looks better and editor in me will do what’s no mess. In the case of inserting HTML code, so you just paste the following tags.