Magento Email Themes

Email themes are for marketers a way how to kill two birds with one stone. Represent a nice design that attracts users and are also less expensive option than constantly create new designs. Ordinary Internet user receives daily a few (dozen) promotional e-mails and most of them only opens and immediately deleted. Why? They end SPAM.
Using Magento Email theme builder you can get friendly and attractive email. Templates help to your customers offer your deal. Use e-mail templates, you can keep better so. corporate identity (a single graphic style of the company). Its place in the template has the company logo, product images or workers with introductory speech and of course your offer – all decorated with colors of the company. And because it’s really a template, you do not the creation of any e-mail starting from scratch, but just to ready-made templates to supplement the current text and images. E-mail templates, however, besides sending newsletters used to deliver automated emails (eg. When you receive your order / payment or shipment of goods). These templates plus you can prepare so that the component parts of the text filled up by specific data – most often it is the order number, address, date etc.