Pretty Email Templates for Magento Platform

Why deal with HTML template?

A simple question to which there is a simple answer:

Yes, even this may result looks ready HTML template that adapts to mobile devices and most of the content is displayed to recipients without the downloaded pictures.

We will show you how to prepare one such template that should include and what to be careful in its creation.

The main reason for creating the proper HTML template is to show themselves without images in the right way.

The difference between HTML and plain text

In an HTML e-mail, we may use structured text as we know it from Word, ie titles, blocks, bulleted lists, etc. You can add images, tables, etc. HTML e-mail is actually a simple web page. Even reports written in Outlook are standard HTML, if you do not choose otherwise.

E-mail clients vs. Web applications

In the world and in our country there are a number of different e-mail clients. For an idea of what e-mail client is actually, a few of them imagine.

Microsoft Outlook – the most famous program for managing e-mail messages, contacts and calendars. As part of the package of Microsoft Office is used both in companies and for private users.

Mozilla Thunderbird – widely distributed e-mail client that is completely free from the creators of the popular Web browser Mozilla Firefox.

Apple Mail – e-mail software pre-installed on Mac OS X and iOS. That is why it is used by most Mac users and mobile devices from Apple.

Android Mail (unofficial name) – application, which include the Android operating system. It is preinstalled on all devices with this operating system, and therefore widely used.

Web applications 

Web applications for managing e-mail boxes are also called webmais. Since there is a lot of them only a few of them that is most commonly used Gmail, Yahoo Mail or

Gmail – Web application from Google giant. Today widely used, especially for its integration with other Google services.

The fact that some e-mail client is more widespread than the other, does not mean that we can ignore those less widespread. Remember that even a small percentage of the addressed recipients can hide the number of new customers.

We therefore recommend always trying to accommodate the maximum number of recipients, both informative value of e-mail and its quality workmanship.

The main difference between e-mail client and webmail is already evident from the title itself. On webmail can be reached via a common Web browser, while the e-mail client software must be installed on your own computer.

Differences in displaying an e-mail

Differences in display HTML e-mails across clients and webmail is really big, and since everything is going, to keep track of what you use for a particular e-mail, is not easy.

What awaits us

In our next post we will show the entire production process HTML templates from preparation, through testing, through to completion and export.

We will show you tips and tricks for each e-mail clients and webmail or also solve most problems when creating email templates for Magento.